About Us

We are not a Bank or Savings and Loan. We are a Credit Union. If you are not a Credit Union member, stop by and experience the world of difference Credit Unions have to offer.

Serving our members to our fullest potential means putting our members best interest at heart. We live out our mission statement every day with each and every member we serve.

We are a Full Service Financial Institution dedicated to serving and meeting the needs of our members.


Our History & Little-Known Facts
Hancock School Employees Federal Credit Union is a school credit union located in Weirton, West Virginia, belonging to the Weirton-Wellsburg Chapter of West Virginia Credit Unions. When the charter members first began this credit union in November 1972, it encompassed only one school district, Hancock County Schools. Within five years the parochial schools and the community college were included in the field of membership.

The little office which started out in the homes of board members, moved to one small room at Weir High School. In 1979, seeing the need for more room, the credit union moved to larger quarters at Weir Junior High School. Yet another move was necessary, however, to further accommodate the ever growing needs of the credit union and its membership. The credit union found itself in need of more efficient facilities, especially after taking in another school district, Brooke County Schools, in 1980. Increasing the membership by 466 all at once, the credit union moved to an office building at 3157 Main Street, Weirton, WV, in 1982. From the two rooms that the organization started out with in the Anas building, it then moved to five rooms in the same building, feeling the need to expand again. In July 2001, the credit union finally moved into a much larger single office building at 384 Penco Road. This building consisted of several office rooms, a board room, and a kitchen and dining area. At the time we were renting these offices. On April 9, 2004 we were very proud and happy to achieve yet another milestone and become the new owners of this building.

One can look at our growth through the years by our recorded statistics beginning from 1972 to the present. Although we are still considered a small credit union, our assets started with less than one thousand dollars and have grown to millions thanks to a dedicated staff and membership.

This credit union boasts a very strong, supportive following that has a lot of confidence in its organization.

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